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About me

Bérengère Gautier, Ph.D in Economic Geography, freelance data scientist


Academic experience in Economic Geography

I did my Ph.D in the University of Lausanne, 2012. I spent 8 years in academics, starting from the University of Montpellier (France); then Avignon (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland), to the University of Paris Pantheon Sorbonne (France) in 2012. During this years, I worked on the connection between agrofood multinational corporations and the economic development and integration of European and South Mediterranean cities. I received for this work the second accessit of an International regional science award for thesis in French-language: Prix Aydalot. You can find my Ph.D thesis in french here:

During these years, I also taught Statistics at the University to students, and I managed workshops in R for social science researchers. My favorite topic were social network analysis (SNA) and multivariate analysis, because I love to explore data and to find non-obvious relationships between the variables I’m analysing.

cities networks, multinational cities network, SNA, social network analysis, agrofood, betweeness centrality

How agrofood multinational companies connect cities (financial connections in between subsidiaries)

Institutional experience in socio-economic analysis

After this experience, I moved to the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry to work as a territorial analyst and as a consultant in market research for small IT companies. I learned to find statistics solutions for my clients and to communicate my results. I used mainly Microsoft Excel and some open source tools to visualise data.

Experience in big data and programmatic marketing

I moved to Berlin in 2015, where I worked for almost 2 years as a data scientist, to optimise and analyse marketing campaigns at Zalando Media Solutions. I discovered Hadoop and Scala environment and I have perfected my techniques in R.

Visit my LinkedIn profile and find my whole resume here